Be a Guest


My goal is to make this as simple as possible for guests. Literally, if you so choose, show up to the planning session and we find a topic then you just jump into the recording, no prep needed. 75%+ of guests do this. My job is to extract the context and tie it into what the community is learning, you don’t need to prepare anything.

We start with a simple planning session call. On the call, we will work together to find a topic 1) that you will be passionate to chat about and 2) that will be useful/interesting for the audience. It is okay to cover subjects other episodes have. There is so much ground in data mesh and we need multiple perspectives. None of us have “the answers”, we only have our own context.

Please schedule a planning session here.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If it looks like there aren’t any good times for your location, please poke around a few days. There are pretty reasonable times for most locations. If you are in India, I apologize that there aren’t as many great times but I do offer as early as 7:15am PST which is 7:45pm IST and can make an exception to do late my time/early yours.

After the planning session, I’ll send you a follow-up email laying out what topic points we planned to cover and include a signup link for recording an episode (you can skip ahead to that here). Your only job is to show up to the recording and have a fun conversation, share your context. If you want to prep, totally okay. But no need, it’s on me to extract your context.

After the episode, in the next week or so, I will send you the planned show notes. If you want to edit them, feel free. If you don’t that’s standard and totally great.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

I created a more comprehensive guest guide/FAQ here but the main points are:
0) This is supposed to be fun and casual. Relax, my job is to make this a conversation not an interrogation.
1) You are not expected to be “the expert”, just share your context. “We aren’t sure yet” or “no idea” are great and honest answers.
2) This should be beneficial for you. Let’s work together to make it that way.
3) I record audio only, bedhead welcome.
4) If you need me to cut any section, I will, no questions asked and not a big deal. I don’t ask questions that are likely to lead to any issues here anyway.
5) I’ll send you the link when it gets published so you can promote. If you don’t promote, that’s not an issue :)
6) Many guests are non-native English speakers. That’s not at all an issue or a big deal. If you can’t think of a word, I struggle with that too and I am a native English speaker :D
7) If you have suggestions for guest, please feel free to send them the link to this page

by Scott Hirleman