#15 Data Definitions and “Durable in the Middle” Model – Interview w/ Benn Stancil

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Links from show:

Benn’s Twitter: @bennstancil / https://twitter.com/bennstancil

Benn’s Substack: https://benn.substack.com/

Benn’s post on entities: https://benn.substack.com/p/metadata-money-corporation

Starship Technologies Data Mesh Post: https://medium.com/starshiptechnologies/dodging-the-data-bottleneck-data-mesh-at-starship-5925a2de45e6

In this episode Scott interviewed Benn Stancil, co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Mode about his emerging concept of global definitions that he is calling an “entity” – essentially, how are people defining terms like customer and what does that mean in each instance so people are on the same page. Data mesh also requires some clear collaboration on definitions, whether centralized or decentralized, in the federated governance pillar. This interview was generated from a Twitter conversation here.

Benn then went into some details about how he views the importance of having visibility into how data “breaks” so it is much easier to identify and fix and that limiting custom integration is crucial so when you fix at the source, it properly propagates downstream. They wrapped up discussing the need to make data producers’ lives easier while simultaneously doing the same with data consumers.

Overall, there are some agreements and disagreements and Scott came out thinking more about what are the real causes of pain that would make a full journey to data mesh make sense. It’s a good episode to see some of the challenges people are trying to tackle outside of the data mesh community.

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