#36 Is “Data at the Core” the Way To Develop Applications – More on Data-Centric Application Development – Interview w/ Dave McComb

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In this episode, Scott interviewed Dave McComb, the President and Co-Founder of Semantic Arts. Scott asked Dave on as part of the continuing deep dive into Domain Driven Design for Data and Data-Centric Application Development as Dave wrote the book on Data-Centric Application Development – literally.

Dave’s overall argument is that most businesses really have very few “business events”, ~500-2000 for even the largest companies. Those large enterprises may have 10K+ applications, each with their own data model and application model, leading to possibly 100M+ data attributes. All that leads to far more complexity than is necessary if companies just focused on building applications from the business events side.

They discussed the amount of work an application developer would need to learn to be able to do data-centric application development; while it is mostly about learning data modeling, especially for graph databases, Dave has seen the application developers really not want to move to this model. This has meant a slower roll-out at a number of clients than if they were embracing it.

Scott asked about the user experience (UX) in data-centric application development, both for the data producer and data consumer. Per Dave, the UX is pretty lacking, especially on the data producer side so there seems to be a need for better developer tooling for graph databases. Despite the “crude” UX, Dave says he sees data consumers really loving consuming data from a graph.

The overall goal of data-centric application development is to provide simplicity and flexibility to organizations as most applications are too rigid for Dave and the system integration is even worse.

As mentioned, the first 3 people who fill out a Contact Us on the Semantic Arts website and mention Data Mesh Radio will get a free copy of Dave’s book.

Semantic Arts website: https://www.semanticarts.com/

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Contact Dave: https://www.semanticarts.com/contact-us/

Dave’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davemccomb/

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