#9 Data Contracts Deep Dive – The Pains and the Solution(?) – Interview with Abhi Sivasailam


In this episode, Abhi Sivasailam, Head of Growth and Analytics at unicorn startup Flexport, and Scott deep dive into data contracts. They covered a LOT of ground including:

  • What is a data contract and how does it relate to API contracts and schema contracts
  • Why data contracts are so crucial to treating data like a product and keeping data usable by consumers
  • Abhi’s rules for a viable data contract
  • The importance of the analytics engineer to overall data usefulness, especially re domain data ownership in data mesh
  • Why of the socio of the socio-technical approach to data ownership is the most crucial aspect
  • The lack of proper tooling to monitor and execute data contracts
  • How to minimize disruptive changes to downstream data consumers
  • The issues with domains sharing their data as it is persisted/stored in the database instead of sharing the context via the domain model
  • Much, much more

Abhi’s contact info:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_abhisivasailam

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhi-sivasailam/

Abhi’s Data Mesh Learning Meetup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-POiudR2_R0

Debezium blog post mentioned by Abhi: https://debezium.io/blog/2019/02/19/reliable-microservices-data-exchange-with-the-outbox-pattern/


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