#8 Platform Re-use, PoC Advice, and More Data Mesh Nuggets – Interview with Matthew Darwin


In this episode, Matthew Darwin, Principal Data Engineer at Slalom Consulting, and Scott cover a wide range of topics including:

Re an article Matt had posted on data platform re-use and shifting data ownership left:

  • You can re-use the technologies you already know and love when building a data platform – there is literally no good reason to toss those out the window
  • If your existing setup enables domains to easily transform, serve, and store their data, sure use your existing configuration; if not, there will need to be changes
  • Your data platform will need to evolve and it is okay to start with a bit of an underwhelming data platform

Other nuggets and interesting topics:

  • Insights from direct client engagements doing data mesh
  • What makes for a good data mesh PoC
  • The usefulness of data product blueprints
  • How data mesh is still bleeding edge and is therefore not for everyone
  • Slowing down to move faster / the long-term negatives of always looking for quick wins
  • Why you can’t just expose your operational data model as a data product
  • The importance of data product interoperability – even at the PoC phase
  • How crucial the organizational aspects of data mesh really are
  • Much more

Matt’s contact info:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewdarwindba/

Twitter: @EvoDBA / https://twitter.com/EvoDBA

Matt’s post on platform reuse: https://medium.com/slalom-data-analytics/data-mesh-is-the-argument-a-strawman-3cffaf55ce5e

Matt’s LinkedIn poll on testing data pipelines: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A6877216459458719744/


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