#6 All About Data Products – Interview with Wannes Rosiers, CTO Golazo Group


In this episode, Scott interviews Wannes Rosiers, CTO at Golazo Group, who previously led DPG Media’s data mesh transition. They discussed a lot of different sub-topics around data products in data mesh including:

  1. Wannes’ framework re his 3 types of data products
  2. The importance of a specific purpose for each data product
  3. Data product evolution from single purpose to multi-purpose
  4. The owner roles/functions related to data products in data mesh
  5. How to get moving with an initial data mesh implementation
  6. Data product interoperability and global definitions and identifiers

Wannes’ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wannes-rosiers/

Wannes’ data mesh related content:

Meetup presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_5fkpweQwM

Domain Driven Design for Data at DPG Media: https://dpgmedia-engineering.medium.com/ddd-data-area-at-dpg-media-f0130e4d9766

A specific run down of data mesh at DPG: https://dpgmedia-engineering.medium.com/data-mesh-at-dpg-media-dfebdd612087

A co-authored post with Snowflake: https://levelup.gitconnected.com/data-mesh-a-self-service-infrastructure-at-dpg-media-with-snowflake-566f108a98db

Short video describing DPG’s overall data journey, not just data mesh: https://itexecutive.nl/leveraging-the-power-of-data-technology/data-strategy/van-goed-op-weg-zijn-met-data-naar-data-rock-star-in-twee-jaar/

Golazo Careers Page: https://www.golazo.com/jobs/


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