Programming Notes – Week of Jan 17, 22 – Data Mesh Radio

Quick “episode”

  1. EXPLICIT PERMISSION: skip episodes you don’t think will be useful – that is why the BLUFs exist
  2. In general, we will publish interview episodes on Tuesday and Friday morning. If there is a mesh musing, it will be published Wednesday morning
  3. Starting “takeover weeks” with conferences. Look for one soon. If you have a conference that should do one, get in touch: scott at
  4. Be a guest. Seriously. This is not an “experts only” podcast! It’s a learning out loud one.
  5. Data contracts deep dive continues. 3-4 more episodes lined up by end of Feb. Next 2 deep dives are 1) Domain Driven Design for Data + Data-Centric Application Development and 2) Your Data Mesh Proof of Concept
  6. I need guests and I need topics. Stop being shy. Do not expect an explicit invitation, step up.
  7. New podcast from me coming in early to mid-Feb. This Week I Learned in Data. Be a contributor sharing what you learned (not looking for contributions every week!) or suggest contributors.

P.S. Please do rate and review the podcast. It honestly really does help for visibility. I don’t care about the ratings, I just want to make sure if it’s a resource, people can find it!

Scott’s contact info: scott at

If you want to be a guest or give feedback (suggestions for topics, comments, etc.), please see here

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