#32 Applying a Historical Lens to Data Mesh – Interview w/ Azmath Pasha

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In this episode, Scott interviews Azmath Pasha, member of the Forbes Technology Council, who has 25+ years in implementing large-scale IT projects including at CapGemini and Paradigm Technology.

Azmath gave his 3 key measures for data value: cost savings, business value (e.g. driving new initiatives), and data reuse. For data mesh, the long-term value is in the second two but for Azmath, a PoC could be better served focusing on cost savings as it is easier to track and faster to realize.

They dove into the concept of data discovery with human interaction, not purely an online experience. Similar to event storming for discovering your domain events (see DDD for Data episodes), discovery as a purely tool-based experience is always likely to be somewhat lacking. Scott was intrigued about this as that aspect of data discovery hasn’t been widely discussed.

To Azmath, the data product experience, part of what Zhamak calls ‘the experience plane’, is crucial. It is much harder to drive buy-in if your product is hard to use / has a bad user experience.

Azmath’s other crucial aspects to getting a data mesh (or any large scale data project) implementation right included: staying tool agnostic so you can remain “future proof”; supporting data producers to reduce time to delivery, especially initial delivery; and looking at your architecture and tool investments over a 5 year time horizon, not just for the short to medium-term.

Azmath wrapped up by saying we are entering a new era of using data, we must democratize the data and also look to new metrics for evaluating the business value of data.

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