#2 Intro to Data Mesh – Mesh Musings #1


Host Scott Hirleman gives some helpful context around how to think about data mesh including

  1. The onion/parfait model: a layered look at data mesh – core is the data products, 2nd layer is the platform and enablement of domains, and 3rd is the data culture aspects
  2. Supermarket/Grocery Store analogy: rather than having a bunch of raw ingredients or having to forage/hunt for food, supermarkets have sourced the food and included a ton of metadata around it for you. They have organized it into domains (departments) even. It makes for a better and more reliable shopping experience – are you looking for a data shopping experience? 😀
  3. Maximizing context AND maximizing usability: historically, we have had to choose between context or usability – accessibility, understandability, quality, interoperability, etc. – at the broader organization level. Data mesh is attempting to do both and then also lowering the bar to using the data for consumers.
  4. Stretching or Training analogy: athletes prepare ahead of time to be able to compete and react on the field as circumstances change. If we prepare the data in such a way that we are prepared for anything, not just for what we thought was going to happen, how might that lead to better outcomes?


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