#5 Data Virtualization and Data Mesh, Spec Data Products, and Can You Keep Your Existing Architecture – Mesh Musings #2


Host Scott Hirleman gives some helpful context around 3 separate data mesh topics:

  1. Why Data Virtualization is not a good fit for creating and managing your data products in data mesh
  2. A reply to a wonderful article by Matthew Darwin (link below) asking if we can keep our existing data platform / architecture and only decentralize our data ownership – surprise, surprise, Scott argues that it isn’t that simple
  3. Introducing the concept of a speculative data product to solicit feedback in a bit of internal data product marketing

Matthew Darwin article: https://medium.com/slalom-data-analytics/data-mesh-is-the-argument-a-strawman-3cffaf55ce5e

Intuit article referenced in spec data product segment: https://medium.com/intuit-engineering/intuits-data-mesh-strategy-778e3edaa017


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