#185 How the Heck Do We Do Federated Computational Governance Part 1 – Mesh Musings 41

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I will have much more to say on federated governance in data mesh but to reiterate my points:

  1. Federated doesn’t mean decentralize everything. Really focus on enabling fast decisions with the people who have the understanding
  2. Shared ownership of responsibilities or oversight but not owned by a central team can work. Stop thinking that this shoves all the ownership to the domain on day 1, they aren’t ready for that
  3. Start to plan out your governance roadmap pretty concretely at the start. But don’t be worried about trying to have your ideal governance setup upfront. I’ve talked about CYA or cover your butt – think about what makes sense and what you can build as a skeleton upfront rather than trying to build a fully functioning body
  4. Start to think about interoperability at the concept level, that semantic level but you don’t need to have your ultimate interoperability plan from the start. You can enhance and develop it as you go. And go talk to people about what they are doing!
  5. Blueprints. Do all the blueprints. Please, find friction and find a way to make easy buttons on this. There are 10s of episodes touching on this. Go look at what AgileLab is doing especially.
  6. Leave automated access control stuff for later. Focus on fast requesting and granting access
  7. Create data quality standards of measurement. That way everyone can understand how much they can trust a data product and why.
  8. Data contracts are about a producer/consumer relationship. This ain’t a transaction. Get to know both sides and build to an understanding of what information is actually shared.

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