#259 The Fellowship of the Data Mesh: The Journey to Meshtopia – Mesh Musings 54

Key points:

  • Every organization starts from a different location when heading to Data Meshtopia. Every journey will look different. Try to understand why they chose to do what when – often by just getting in touch and asking them.
  • Because the journey looks different, where you put your focus when will depend. Look to the fundamentals of what are you trying to achieve, how to achieve short and long-term value, and how are you making progress.
  • You can choose your own journey – there are different paths to getting to Meshtopia, just because you look like another organization doesn’t mean you have to tread the same path.
  • Think about the old trope of playing to your strengths while shoring up your weaknesses. This doesn’t mean ONLY play to your strengths, that is where I am seeing the most failures… Just because you’re bad at governance doesn’t mean you can ignore it…
  • Find your fellowship or fellowships. Find people to constantly stay in touch with and exchange information. They are also your best leverage points quite often: “Hey, we want to do XYZ approach, Scott here says this is a very standard approach from these 10 organizations and here are the pitfalls so we aren’t making this up out of our butts.”
  • Meshtopia isn’t some utopia. It’s not as if all our problems are suddenly solved – some of the old lingering ones might be but there are new problems to battle too. It’s not as if life is blissful the second you get to a better place.

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