#265 Are You (Even) Doing Data Mesh™? – Mesh Musings 55

Key takeaways:

  1. If you want to say you are doing data mesh, go ahead. If you really want to know if you are, look to Zhamak’s book and her talks – how much are you attempting and are you going with the thin slice model – not ignoring any of the pillars. Have some empathy for yourself.
  2. If others want to say they are doing data mesh, it’s not really a big deal as long as we aren’t trying to emulate the ones fooling themselves or over-marketing.
  3. I’d rather welcome more folks into the tent than gatekeep. Maybe that is just my own prerogative but I have empathy for people who see what they think the end journey should look like. But it’s like that transformation picture of build a skateboard, then bike, then moped, then motorcycle, then little 2 door car, etc. with the end idea of building a sedan.

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