#283 Selling Data Mesh to Your C-Suite and Board – Mesh Musing 58

Quick Summary Points

  • Talk to the business strategy importance – data is there to make things better for the business. What could being better informed mean for your execs?
  • When people ask about the strategy, that is when you can mention data mesh. It isn’t about doing data mesh but you also aren’t inventing this whole-cloth. 100s to 1000s of organizations are already on the journey. But data mesh is not some magic phrase, it is merely a framing for doing data better at scale.
  • Think of the first hidden data demon from my upcoming mini-book: this is about getting to data driven, not being data dragged. This is about better equipping the people you thought were good enough to hire for their expertise and making them even better.
  • Think of the second hidden data demon: data isn’t only about strategic decisions – this gets us into a place where we can make better day-to-day execution decisions too.
  • We don’t get to skip leg day. I originally typed ‘leg data’ and maybe that’s what we call the foundations 😅

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