{Bonus} Zhamak’s Corner 19.5 – How Does AI/ML Change When Trust is Automatic?

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This episode is part of the greater AI/ML conversation I had with Zhamak but it’s super important to emphasize the importance of trust – enough so that I created a separate quick episode on it. Not just trust in the data itself but that there is easy access and there will be going forward. A lot of the things we have done in data historically has been defensive in nature – especially grabbing a copy of the data now because who knows when you’ll get access to it again.

What if we can implicitly trust that there has been care and foresight in preparation of the data I find, that there is an owner I can ask if I’m confused or curious, that my access won’t suddenly go away or that what’s there won’t suddenly change without my knowledge? In ML/AI, the data scientists have done things in ways that made sense to their situation and challenges. What happens when we make trust inherent? What incremental value does that drive?

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