#237 Zhamak’s Corner 25 – We Don’t Have to Jerk the Wheel – Making Smaller Correction Decisions to Get to Our Data Destination

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  1. We should be thinking about how we can get out of the batch mode into the streaming mode. Yes, technologically but also think about
  2. How can we get to making decisions based on smaller amounts of data more frequently – both automated systems like AI but also for our people. Instead of making adjustments or decisions based on big batches of data, we can make smaller course corrections.
  3. “Data mesh is about building responsibility into data and the quality of the data you share and being explicit about that quality.”
  4. Make the cost of mistakes that much smaller by creating smaller decisions that add up to the bigger decisions – it’s not one giant leap, it’s many steps that can avoid more hazards as you come across them.
  5. “Make decisions at the speed of the market” is crucial to being nimble, being able to react to opportunities or new challenges. To do that, we need to put data in the hands of those closest to the market, the domains.

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