#243 Zhamak’s Corner 26 – The Fundamental Data Need: Autonomy with Interconnectivity


  • It’s important to understand that we need enablement to do data mesh well. That is enablement through technology and enablement through organizational approaches/behavior changes. Doing only one will likely not work.
  • “…they need to move fast, they cannot be bogged down by centralization of any kind, organization or technology.” Scott note: I will say we discuss later the need for centrally provided enablers but central bottlenecks are the speed and flexibility killer, look to prevent and remove them where possible.
  • People want to simply produce data as a normalized process of doing their job and make it consumable for the rest of the organization. How can we enable that? Why is it so tough? How do we make it interoperable – and more importantly interconnectable – too?
  • Right now, the missing core component to do data mesh well is an easy ability to create and manage data products. Everyone is having to cobble things together and then trying to layer on the observability, the access control, the interconnectivity, etc. But it’s built on a shaky foundation.

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