#249 Zhamak’s Corner 27 – Creating Truly Scalable Interconnectivity for Data


  • A data product by the data mesh definition cannot by definition be a silo because it is meant to be consumed by the rest of the organization as a greater part of the picture of the organization. Whether that is true in practice remains to be seen :)
  • APIs are the way we’ve learned in software to interconnect between services, so we need to learn how to leverage the same approaches in data.
  • Within a single organization, we may be able to get by without having a great set of industry-wide interconnectivity standards – the company can fully control their own sharing. But, we know that to truly unlock the value of our organizations, cross organization data sharing – in a scalable and useful way – is necessary. So we need better ways to do that – standards and tooling/technology.
  • It remains to be seen which will emerge first: the standards or the tooling/technology – a chicken and egg issue there – but they must really must be intertwined to work well.

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