#255 Zhamak’s Corner 28 – Generative AI and Data Mesh: The Start of a Long Road


  • This is just scratching the surface of generative AI and data mesh – we will have much deeper discussions in future episodes.
  • Zhamak believes generative AI has a ton of positive real world potential, especially in data mesh. Scott is more skeptical. But if things like GenAI are only able to be leveraged by a few large companies trying to collect as much information – especially sensitive information – as possible, there are some big potential societal issues that might come from that. We need to democratize the ability to leverage these types of tools.
  • ChatGPT set off a frenzy. It can be easy to want to move incredibly fast towards implementing generative AI. But companies don’t have the vast amount of data where they can throw moderate – or worse – quality data and get something useful out. Garbage in, garbage out is a real concern.
  • Because they have less data than essentially the sum of the internet like OpenAI used for ChatGPT, companies need to focus on providing quality data into an LLM (large language model) in order for it to actually provide good results. Again, otherwise it is garbage in, garbage out.

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