#273 An API-First World in Data Integration – An Actual Modern Data Stack – Zhamak’s Corner 31

Key Points:

  • The rush to categorize all of our tooling in data has caused many issues – we will see a big shake-up coming in the future much like happened in application development tooling.
  • So much of data people’s time is spent on things that don’t add value themselves, it’s work that should be automated. We need to fix that so the data work is about delivering value.
  • We can learn a lot from virtualization but data virtualization is not where things should go in general.
  • Containerization is merely an implementation detail. Much like software developers don’t really care much about process containers, the same will happen in data product containers – it’s all about the experience and containers significantly improve the experience.
  • The pendulum swung towards decoupled data tech instead of monolithic offerings with ‘The Modern Data Stack’ but most of the technologies were not that easy to stitch together. Going forward, we want to keep the decoupled strategy but we need a better way to integrate – APIs is how it worked in software, why not in data?

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